Theatre Critic – Anna Allegra-Bennett

Asner carries the show solo, but a series of pictures from a hospital add visual elements to the production as the play progresses. It is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of theater with a nice balance of both comedic and more serious elements. Asner is a master of comedy, and charms with his personality and distinct voice. While it is of serious health issue, A Man and His Prostate is highly entertaining while serving as a public service announcement for men to get prostate screening and check-ups.

Late Nite – In New York

This is a seriously funny show, based on a serious subject. A life-changing week in a foreign hospital included a rectal exam, enemas, the fear of post-surgery impotence and sex after 70. A Man and His Prostate gives the audience a HILARIOUS scenario. Ed Asner makes A Man and His Prostate so gut-bustingly funny.

Broadway World – Stephan Sorokoff

“A Man and His Prostate” – a man, late in life, discovers his inner self in more ways than one. A near tragedy actually experienced by the writer is masterfully transformed into a comedy, perfectly portrayed by Ed Asner.

Theater Scene – Daryl Reilly

“This is a play about life and death. There’s also some love in it, for those who like that sort of thing. It’s a hilarious one-man play written by award-winning writer Ed Weinberger. Asner’s appearance is a delightfully thrilling opportunity to experience his considerable talents. He lands every joke with monumental comic timing. In part a public service announcement for men to get prostate exams. A Man and His Prostate is totally entertaining due to its superior writing and Ed Asner’s great star performance.”

Front Row Center – Tullis McCall

In spite of the odd/serious nature of the subject at hand, “A Man and His Prostate” is a damn funny show. The combination of the brilliant writing by Ed Weinberger and Ed Asner’s delivery is a winner.

PLAYS TO SEE – International Theatre Review – Nate Betancourt

We are witness to a journey. Ed’s voice is strong. He’s quick with a joke, he sees the absurdity in his situation. It’s all good fun, and for 90 minutes we are treated to an unflinching, sweet and personal examination of a man’s experience with pain, relief, prayer and a touching reunion with his wife.

The Wrap – Culture By Aviva Kempner

This 86-year-old actor offers a frank, and VERY FUNNY, take on men’s health in “A Man and His Prostate”

Theater Pizzazz – Marilyn Lester

Rarely does a stage show feature an illustrated lecture on the male production system delivered by an irascible but charming octogenarian. Yet this oddity was precisely the case with “A Man and His Prostate”, a HILARIOUS 90-minute monologue about a sudden, unexpected trip to a foreign emergency room. Asner’s voice is strong as ever and unwavering, his life energy robust and strong, providing great entertainment as well as good medical advice.

New York Post – Babara Hoffman

Nearly a quarter of a million Americans are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year – about 27,000 die from it. Ed Weinberger’s stage play “A Man and His Prostate” isn’t just a play, but a public service. The good thing about this piece is it’s funny, but it’s (also) teaching innocent males and their female counterparts what to look for.